We get more eyes on your property.

It's as simple as that.

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What do we do?

Well, in a nutshell

Property Advertising NZ finds potential buyers before they find you. No more listing a house then crossing your fingers that the right buyer will stumble across it; we put your ad in front of faces who we already know want to buy a property like yours. Proactive advertising like this means more genuine potential buyers looking at it, and ultimately faster sales.


How do we do it?

Let's explain the magic

Think of us as your personal real estate magician. Property Advertising NZ uses the power of activity data from over 10,000 popular websites and apps to target people who are interested in buying a house like yours in your neck of the woods. If your property matches the kinds of things prospective buyers have been searching for, we’ll present your ads on their social media feeds plus thousands of their favourite websites and apps. When a potential buyer clicks on your ad, they’ll be redirected to the listing on your website. Abracadabra!

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Why wait for buyers?

Captivate them today

Stop trying to sell ice to an eskimo. With our Property Advertising, we only show your properties to people we know are interested in buying something like it. That means the eyes that see it are genuine potential buyers, not just people having a nosey. We understand that many people don’t like to move too far from home because their kids like their school or they’re on first-name basis with their local takeaways (or whatever), so ads are presented to potential buyers within about 20 kilometres of the property address. We don’t discriminate: first-home buyers, families, investors, developers … If someone is interested in your kind of property, we’ll tell them about it.

Get your property in front of eyes that matter.

Keen to sell your property quicker?

Pick the plan that ticks your boxes.

Go where the people go.

Put your property first

Our ads live where your buyers hang out online. Facebook and Instagram plus thousands of apps, websites and other web-y places like news sites, blogs, Messenger and stories are our jam. Simply tell us what makes your property so awesome and send some jaw-dropping pictures our way, then we’ll create a click-worthy ad that will pop up in all your buyers’ favourite online places. Sound too good to be true? The proof is in the pudding.

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